Company Profile

PT Innovasi Sarana Grafindo (InnoGRAPH) located at Jl. Lenteng Agung Raya No. 15 (Jl. Baung No. 2) Jakarta Selatan as showroom and production center.



                            Showroom                                                           Production Center


InnoGRAPH was established in March 1994 by offering its service as a computer graphic equipment supplier focusing on pre press and digital colour proofing. In year 1998, InnoGRAPH was appointed officially by Mark Bric Sweden as the exclusive distributor of Flexiframe and Display System. Since then, InnoGRAPH has expotentially escalated its business capacity by using state of the art equipment to build reputation as the first high quality large format digital printing company in Indonesia. At present, the Company is considered as one of the leaders in digital signage and display system.




InnoGRAPH has number of high experienced and skillful taskforces to manage most complex projects and it became a house brand for similar projects in the market. Knowing and understanding the need of our clients with the punctual commitment, high reputation in reliability, responsibility, and project management - has put InnoGRAPH as one of the most trusted project management for project management in branding and promotional displays

It is a common practice for InnoGRAPH to assist clients for installing 1,000 displays all over Indonesia within 3 monts, and it could be done since InnoGRAPH has a spacious network of resources : suppliers, subcontractors, financial experts, skillful taskforces, risk management, communication management, quality control, and systematic report. At normal working days, InnoGRAPH manages minimum 150 jobs per month. Each job is profoundly customized from customer's needs.




Company's  specialties are focusing on branding, signage and promotional display solution. We also deliver other promotion materials; which can be suited to customer's needs. Customer satisfaction is one of our four sacred credos, and therefore InnoGRAPH has developed a competent creative team consists of experienced designers and production team for producing high quality output.


Our Products and Services :

FULL RANGE DISPLAY COMPANY, including Display Promotion, and specific displays, to provide various needs in the areas of Sales Promotions, All types of Signage (Indoor, Outdoor, Building, Digital, LED), Portable Raodshow, tradeshow and exhibition, and Digital Display (E posters, and E directory).

PROJECT MANAGEMENT AND CONTRACTORS REBRANDING, for outdoor work, indoor display, ATM, Booth, POS, Visual merchandise to be implemented widely throughout Indonesia, and has an excellent reference in the banking industry, and other industries.

DIGITAL DISPLAY (signage) SOLUTIONS SERVICE (System Integrators, total services provider), with support from leading vendors, and have strong enough reference in many applications, shopping, banking, finance, restaurants, hotels, cafes, etc.

• In addition to the above three things, InnoGRAPH has a LARGE FORMAT DIGITAL PRINTING business unit, with full equipment, and has a very complete experience in the field of POP UP Media, Board Graphic, etc